Week #43 – Texture

Texture in photography is dependent on lighting and correct exposure. And it’s REALLY important.

The reason it’s really important is because photography attempts to take a three dimensional world and put it in two dimensions. Without exceptional texture, most of that feeling is lost.

Tree on Mount Scott

There’s texture in every photograph as long as it was properly exposed, but I guess it’s possible to take some photos specifically for their texture, like my lichen photo below. In other photos, it’s a little more subtle. Above is a picture of a tree, but what makes it a cool looking tree is that you can see the wide, dead grain. Sweet.

Lichen texture

So, maybe my photo of choice this week is more an example of texture within a photograph. I messed around quite a bit with the black and white settings so that the texture on the rocks is prominent. Besides that, the fact that it is black and white lends itself to textural photography. There are no distractions from the shape and feeling of the photo. Boom!

I’m playing catch up so that’s enough writing.

2 comments on “Week #43 – Texture”

  1. I really like the black and white effect on the top tree pic. Nicely done!

  2. Thank you! Never do auto black and white – ever. It hardly ever gets it really right.

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