Week #39 – Landscape

Landscape photography is a venture of its own. There are entire photographers out there who dedicate their whole lives to landscape photography and ONLY landscape photography. I am not one of these people.

White Trees on slope

This may sound crazy to your average person but consider these points:

  • Landscapes are ever changing and so can be photographed a thousand times before getting “the shot”
  • There are two general times of day when the lighting is going to be right for a landscape, so the photographer must be up before dawn and/or out after dusk.
  • If there is an incoming storm system or socked in fog, expect to see your local landscape artist.
  • As each season reaches its peak, expect to see your local landscape artist.
  • Besides that one landscape changes each time it is photographed, there are millions of landscapes to photograph – never a lack of subject.

Okay, so after just these points alone, it still sounds crazy, but definitely worth pursuing, right?! Right? Right.

Aspen Against Snow

Still, you do not have to be a landscape photographer to get a great shot. (You probably have to be a landscape photographer to get “THE shot,” but not just a generally great shot. There’s a huge difference!) In fact, some of my best landscape photos have simply been a matter of the right time and the right place, and I didn’t even have a fancy camera with me – just my trusty, rugged point and shoot. (I still use my Fuji XP10!)

White Trees and blue sky

So, if something looks beautiful in the great outdoors, shoot it!
And if you don’t have your camera, kick yourself!



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