Week #34 – New


Not the response you thought you’d get with a question like “What’s new?”

Sometimes new isn’t shiny and pretty. On occasion, and frequently in this household, it is rugged and useful and completely awesome. Enter My Brand Spankin’ New Outdoor Research Women’s Revolution Gloves That Aren’t Blue But That’s Okay.

Also enter My Brand Spankin’ New Deuter Women’s ACT-Lite 45+10 That Is Green And That’s More Than Okay.

Also hang out in the background My Brand Spankin’ New L.L. Bean Microlight FS1 Backpacking Tent That No One Cares What Color It Is Because It Is A Tent.

So, is this post about photography? Yes, of course! Sometimes my posts are mulit-talented. See here.

As you can see, this week’s self-portrait is much different from that other self-portrait.
1) It was not compulsory like the other one. Ergo, less pressure.
2) It is not some kind of “look at me because I’m pretty” shot. More like “look at me because I’m pretty badass.” Ergo, less pressure.
3) I am showing off my gear and that pretty much makes it not so much a self-portrait but a gear-portrait. Ergo, less pressure.

Assuming this is a decently good photograph, what makes it good? It’s edgy because the camera was well below the subject pointing upwards at an unorthodox angle. It’s extra contrasty. (Thank you, Photoshop.) The colors are prominent, especially the hair (unintended, but good consequence). Lastly, it showcases the funky; it’s an atypical portrait, and that makes it interesting. Boom! In your face, camera!

Now, go make funny faces at a camera and then put them on the internet so I don’t feel so alone in the world. Please.

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