Week #33 – Vintage

Can anyone guess what all my relatives started throwing at me for Christmas? Old cameras!

And trust me, I am thrilled beyond measure, but I know next to nothing about film photography and definitely nothing about older film cameras.

So, does anyone know of a photography club in the Central Florida area that can help me figure out how some of this stuff works?!

Kodak Brownie

While you’re all working on that, I’ll move on with the theme of the week!

Sometimes when people say “vintage” what they mean is “old.”

However, on occasion, some old things are either 1) still cool, 2) timeless, or 3) timeless and still cool.

Pentax K1000

Hence, the need for the word vintage, as some vintage things aren’t old enough or valuable enough to be “antique.”

Sparta Fold V

2 comments on “Week #33 – Vintage”

  1. The K1000 is actually one of my favorite cameras, the other two looks fun to play with too.

    • I’m enjoying working with the Pentax. It’s so smooth. I don’t know what that means, but it’s the only way I can think to describe it.
      I’m sure I’ll get around to playing with the others eventually. For now, they look pretty neat on a shelf 🙂

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