Week #31 – Fire


Okay, so they’re sparklers. Not that intimidating, but we lit them with a bonfire! Much more exciting.

It’s no big, fancy secret that these are not the most original, slow shutter sparkler photos ever. Still, under the circumstances, it’s what I’ve got.

Ball of Fire

Without further ado, How to Take Actual Good Long Exposure Sparkler/Flashlight Photos:

  • Tripod, or else don’t bother reading the rest of the bullet points.
  • Set to shutter priority and set to a long exposure, from 8 seconds to 30 seconds and up.
  • Have your subject stand where she will be when the drawing begins and mark the spot on the ground.
  • Use the pop up flash and press the shutter button halfway to get an autofocus reading.
  • Once the camera is focused on the subject, switch to manual focus, and put the flash away.
  • Set the self timer (mine has a 2-second setting) so your finger is not on the camera when the shutter opens.
  • Have your subject light the sparkler, get set in the frame, and depress the shutter.
  • When you hear the shutter open, give the subject the go-ahead.
  • When the subject is done having fun, have her run out of the frame and wait until the shutter closes.

Preferably, your subject should wear black or dark colors so as not to show up in the final photo, unless that’s what you’re going for.

Amanda on Fire

That’s it! Your photos will be in focus – yay! Have fun!

Amanda gone wrong


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