Week #28 – Collection

This should be a better photograph. I should have used a tripod. Alas! I was just a hair too lazy.

Other than it not being tack sharp, I think it turned out pretty well, really!

I like the composition as the angle exaggerates the height and extent of the stack.
I’m also a fan of the color (or lack thereof). I like the fact that most of this photo is white due to the binding colors but that there is just enough color in the text and due to the haphazard stacking to make it interesting.

Of course, the subject is pretty cool, too. Props to Popular Photography, Outdoor Photographer, American Photo, and (incidentally) Better Homes & Gardens.


4 comments on “Week #28 – Collection”

  1. I would like to check out ur outdoor photographer if you dont mind 🙂

    • I’ll consider it once I get my Backpacker mags back 😉
      Ah, the Maggie Library…I knew one day I’d be like my Pip and be lending out my books all over the God lovin’ earth!

  2. Mmk, so hypothetically if i dont know where those are: would you sub climbing mags instead? Hypothetically of cource 🙂

    • hahaha hypothetically, no. Bro, I want to go backpacking! Backpacking = Backpacker. Alternately, I would hypothetically accept a renewed Backpacker subscription if Amanda hasn’t already done that.
      Unless your climbing mags include good areas for hiking, I’m skeptical of this trade.
      Also, you hypothetically need to find those magazines. And my pants.

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