Week #27 – Fashion

So, I didn’t do an edgy fashion shoot with a model against a graffiti-clad cement block wall or near some railroad tracks.
I’m just not that cool yet, I guess.

What I did do in the above photograph is to attempt to convey the beauty of what is actually an 1850s-1860s style ball gown. The seamstress used some kind of satin-y coffee colored fabric and then used a sheer, embroidered fabric to overlay the entire gown. The result is shimmery, understated, and elegant. Interestingly enough, I have a cocktail dress that uses this idea. Some things are classy no matter what century you live in, apparently.

Now, I’m no expert in Civil War era fashion, so who’s am I to say if this kind of thing would have actually been in style? What I do know is that we are constantly surprised at the new information that comes up about 1860s fashion. So, the sky’s the limit, folks [who actually care, that is]!

I like photographing fabric. I love the texture. I like the color.
As soon as I get a macro lens, we’re going to see what my closet’s really made of. *Ba dum ch*

Here are my other “fashion” shots for the week. Head and neckwear of the day…

1860s Fashion watermarked

Yes, those are fake hairpieces. What? You think they didn’t figure out hair extensions until the 90s?
Cotton prints for $6 a yard. For those not “in the know” this is a very reasonable price for quality prints.

Cotton Prints watermarked

Yay for color!



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  1. I like this!

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