Week #25 – Fear


Honestly, this post is a cop out. First, it’s late. Second, photographing emotion is hard and makes you vulnerable. I do not need to be any more vulnerable right now, so I’m avoiding it.

This little collaboration is something I created using a tutorial.

Photoshop tutorials can teach you a whole lot about using masks, opacity, and the gazillion tools to make graphic images.

Would I ever put this in a portfolio? Probably not, especially since I’ll probably never have a portfolio. However, it was a good learning experience.

One cop out now and then isn’t so bad, right? I promise the next post will be much more inspired (though it wouldn’t take much, would it?).

And because it’s a cop out post, here are a couple other images from Halloween. First, my pumpkin:

Second, being a Halloweenie at work (this also works with this week’s theme!):


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