Week #24 – A Monthly Photo Contest (October)


I am an amateur photographer (at best). I need to enter free photo contests where the only infringement on your rights is that the organization can use it in promotional publications. I found a great monthly photo contest from Boston.com, and the kicker is that professional photographers (who make 50% or more of their income from their photography) are encouraged NOT to submit and let the amateurs have a go at it. Sweet!

This month’s theme is “green.”

Now, normally I would say that choosing a color as a photography topic is a cop out. However, after reviewing some previous color themed contests from the same site, I’ve changed my mind.

Insofar as the photo is obviously primarily about said color and insofar as the photograph also conveys the feeling behind the color, themes centering on color are valid.

I still maintain that it can be a cop out. A picture of trees may contain the color green, but I would doubt it is really focused on the color itself.

The keys to a successful color-based photograph can include the following:

  • Using complementary colors to highlight the main color
  • Choosing to saturate the photograph deeply with the color
  • Using selective coloration (e.g. a black and white photo with one brightly colored element)
  • Very simple composition
  • Highlighting a color’s cultural meaning (red indicates high energy and can symbolize love; yellow is associated with happiness, green with nature, and blue is said to be calming)

Whether or not I have managed to achieve any of these is up for interpretation.

I came up with several ideas for the green theme, but this photo of my cat’s eye seems the most captive of the bunch. Does it embody “green?” I don’t know. Her eyes are very beautiful and very green, but does it get lost on her pretty face? She’s not a black cat, so perhaps they don’t quite stand out the way another cat’s would. Maybe I’ll crop it a bit closer before submitting it.

Still, I’d call it my best shot for this week even if I am a little biased…

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