Week #23 – Non-botanical Macro

I think macro shots are great. They provide an ambiguity and a unique perspective that is more or less ignored in everyday life.

Don’t they say though that “the devil’s in the details?”

If the details aren’t right, you might not know what’s missing but you’ll sure know that something’s missing. It looks flat, or drab, or incomplete, or childish.

Macro shots celebrate detail.

My shot this week is of my pewter candle snuffer. For those of you who don’t know what a candle snuffer is, that’s too bad. They provide minutes and minutes of entertainment.

I love my snuffer.

In any case, I must point out that I do not own a fancy macro lens for my Rebel. I just can’t afford something like that, especially when I save my pennies for other hobbies. Still, you can get really close shots like this by 1) getting as close as you can, 2) keeping everything in very sharp focus, 3) shooting in RAW for very high resolution, and 4) cropping the picture to get in really close later.

There is such a thing as a “close-up” lens which fits onto your camera more like a filter and magically allows you to focus closer to your subject. A good one can be pricey (maybe $80-100), but loads cheaper than a full out macro lens ($600+). A cheap one can be, well, cheap. You can also stack these lenses, although you may have resolution issues.

I’ll also provide another up-close shot I did of the lock and key of my jewelry box. I decided to go black and white with this one because it gives a bit more of that ambiguity I was talking about. It looks fine in color, but it is indeed a very different photograph with a little de-colorization.


One comment on “Week #23 – Non-botanical Macro”

  1. This is just the kind of thing I’ve been rummaging for! Wonderful and cheers!

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