Week #22 – Event


One of my favorite things about the fall season are the many festivals and shows that come out of the woodwork. I’ve always loved the local fine art festivals, and now that I’m old enough to imbibe, I’m also a huge fan of autumn’s beer fests.

Capturing the feeling of an event was difficult while I was trying. However, I found when I got home that the photographs I took actually do seem to get “it” right. I don’t know how I managed this. Perhaps it was my nonchalance. After all, I was there first and foremost to shop for a piece of art or two (success, btw – support your local artists!) and the photographing was more of an aside throughout the afternoon. So, the shots I did get were relatively spontaneous, none conceptualized, and all were fleeting.


And that’s the thing about these fall festivals, isn’t it? The artists come into town Friday night, set up a booth from 10am to 5pm on a Saturday, do it again on Sunday, and then pack up and move on by Sunday night. Fleeting.


If you want to get really deep, the whole of the season is like that, too. The weather is ever so slightly cooler for a little while, but not cold (not even sweater weather) – just comfortable. The leaves turn fire-colored, dry, fall, and then blow away or turn to mulch. It all happens in the span of, what? A few short weeks? Fleeting.

So I’m quite happy if my photos can convey that fractal pattern and keep it going. (Kudos to those who picked up on fractals. Nerds for the win.)


Go to your favorite fall festival and take a picture with the giant bird people!

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