Week #21 – Landscape

Photographing landscapes is a thankless and unforgiving endeavor. It is never as gorgeous as with your own eyes.

I sometimes think about those magnificent landscape photos that you see on Flickr or the cover of National Geographic or Backpacker magazines, and I wonder how much more incredible it must have been for that photographer.

I have come to the conclusion that we do not shoot landscapes for others. We are compelled to try to capture a moment of utter beauty because we know we’ll never see it again. It is fleeting and though we know we will remember the moment itself and the feeling it evoked, maybe – just maybe – we can take a snapshot. Then, when we see it later and look at how lovely the photograph is, we can close our eyes and think, “Ah, but it was so much better than that” and know that our minds aren’t so foggy yet as they seem.


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