Week #20 – Self-portrait

There. That’s the only photo of the many stinkin’ photos I had to take this week that you’re getting.

I’m not a very good model.  I have too many inhibitions. Now, about taking a self portrait.

It’s harder than you think. First of all, you feel ridiculous because you are having to make faces at nothing and if anyone catches you in the act of self-portraiture, it can be a bit embarrassing as you are hamming it up for…yourself? And that’s just weird.

If you want a professional portrait, don’t do it yourself. You’re no good for yourself.

If, like me, you are doing this experimentally for one reason or another, here are some things I learned:

– Getting the focus right stinks; you are not in the frame yet, so choosing a focus point can be dicey. If you happen to have a freestanding cardboard cutout of a celebrity, it’s time to take him out of the closet.

(Honestly, this photo probably won out mostly because it is the most in focus. Sad.)

– It’s going to take a while for you to get comfortable enough to smile/pose for real. So plan on a long shoot.
– Shoot in RAW. It will make your life easier when you have to edit, which you will.
– Use your camera’s “continuous timer” setting; my Rebel has a timer setting that will allow you to hit the shutter, then it counts 10 seconds, and then it takes 10 photos in succession. Yes, you’re going to have to go through a lot of shots later, but in this case, where there is quantity, there must be at least one quality.

And for goodness’ sake, use a tripod.

I am still convinced that the self portrait I did for my Photography 101 class over a year ago is still better than the one above. Perhaps I should have just done a re-shoot…live and learn.

Self Portrait upload wm

One comment on “Week #20 – Self-portrait”

  1. […] you can see, this week’s self-portrait is much different from that other self-portrait. 1) It was not compulsory like the other one. Ergo, less pressure. 2) It is not some kind of […]

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