Week #14 – Pets

By: Maggie Red

Aug 18 2012

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Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

My fellow photographer and I have been a bit off track the past few weeks. That forced perspective challenge really messed us up. But I’m sure that the experience will help us to grow as photographers, yadda, yadda, builds character, yadda, blah, blah.

So, to catch up, here is a nice easy subject and an admittedly older photograph; it is, however, one that I have heretofore not published on the interwebz. My kitty cat!

Her name was Morgan, which I think is a lame name for a cat. It is made less lame considering that she was named after Captain Morgan. Her whole litter was named for various alcoholic beverages (brothers Jack and Jim, sisters Chardonnay and Chablis).

She’s always been a bit of an oddball, and knowing that she and her siblings were the result of a university’s failed attempt at an injected stray cat birth control…well, it really all makes quite a bit of sense. If you asked me do I love cats, the answer would be this: “No; I love my cat.”

Photographing pets is very rewarding because they’re so darn cute. Here is an assortment of my other favorite pet photos that I’ve taken.

Lucy, spoiled hound dog and award winning howler

Lucy Dog wm

Hemi, chill brother Boxer puppy

Hemi wm

Raven, shy trouble-causing sister Boxer puppy

Raven wm

Want to get really good pictures of your pet?

– Get on their level (yes, you may have to lie on your belly)
– Use a quick shutter speed (yes, they will move their head exactly when you don’t want them to)
– Don’t always worry about getting them to look at you (what’s wrong with a wistful pup?)
– If your pet is extra slobbery, hyper, or pissed off, careful with that expensive-ass camera

Morgan Is Pissed wm

Have fun!

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