Week #11 – Fly

First thoughts on this topic: “the animal or the action?”

Of course, when a topic is given without specification, it is always a good idea to think outside of the box.
An odd or different take on something that could be common or predictable is always a delightful surprise!

So, I give you a fly.

Flicker fly mashup wm

No, I do not fly fish. Yes, I would like to learn how to fly fish. And look at all this cool stuff I’ve already got!
(I have no idea what kind of reel that is above, fly fishing or no. It’s just really cool. Should have taken a better shot of it because it has an engraved fish on the side. Vintage, bro.)

My photo of choice has been chosen based on its fullness of content. There are many flies which are given immediate context next to the rod and reel in the background. (If you look closely, you can even see the “Flicker Fly” packaging”!)
I could also tell you that I used two photos to create my top photo. They were both of the same scene. One had better lighting and detail (especially on the reel and background) and the other had better focus on a couple of the main flies.

Yay for masks in Photoshop!

The photograph immediately above has an altogether different feel that I also love. It shows a single fly, gives context, and shows all the nitty, gritty details.

By the way, the water you see in these photos was added by yours truly.
Be encouraged to manipulate your still life photos, people! They hold still while you do it! That’s their whole job!

Oh, and I like this guy.

Large Fly wm

He’s watching you…

Hope you enjoyed something unexpected today 😉

2 comments on “Week #11 – Fly”

  1. Really excellent job this week! Where did you find all of the equipment? I like how you had it set on a dock and I noticed the water, nice touch. Also impressive that you combined more than one photo so seamlessly!

    • Thank you!
      I found all this stuff in the garage. And tricky me, I didn’t go to a dock. I set it on the gazebo deck out back 🙂
      Thanks for the Photoshop props, too. It didn’t go down exactly like I thought at first, but taking the extra time on it made a huge difference. Perhaps I’ll do a post on what I did (when I find the time, that is).

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