I’m a Mt. Rainier 2012 Summit for Someone Sponsor

UPDATE: Thanks to anyone and everyone who donated their money, time, and/or prayers to this effort. The fundraising was successful to a point that Austin was able to pay off what was leftover. The climb was completely successful as he and Teddy summited without difficulty (other than some altitude sickness). Austin’s efforts allowed over 30 kids to attend a BCM trip. Huge!

They say two heads are better than one. Perhaps, then, two posts are also better than one.

Rather than edit my previous post to add this awesome photo, I figured a new one would be just as well.

This photo was taken this past January on a winter hiking trip. Goal: conquer the winter summit of Mount Rogers.

Mount Rogers is the Virginia high point and the highest high point west of the Mississippi to claim what I like to call “complete middle of nowhere-ness.” You cannot reach the summit via any roadway. There is only a narrow and slightly difficult trail to the top. (Caution: it’s completely iced over in the winter.)

This was something of a trial run for my adventurous friend. He is raising $4,000 for the Big City Mountaineers (BCM) charity, an organization which provides at-risk teens an opportunity to get outdoors, learn life skills as well as survival skills, and gain a mentoring relationship with an adult volunteer.

His goal this summer is to summit Mount Rainier as part of their Summit for Someone program.

If you feel led to give to this great organization, consider making a $5 donation on his behalf at his Climber Donation page:


If you really, really like the Croakies he’s wearing in the photo and want to buy a pair, leave your email address and I’m sure we can work something out. (That’ll be $7 plus shipping and handling, please. Come on, it’s for the kids.)

Also, how can you say “no” to this face?

Austin Stripping wm

That’s right. You really can’t.


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