Summit For Someone – Austin McCrea

UPDATE: Thanks to anyone and everyone who donated their money, time, and/or prayers to this effort. The fundraising was successful to a point that Austin was able to pay off what was leftover. The climb was completely successful as he and Teddy summited without difficulty (other than some altitude sickness). Austin’s efforts allowed over 30 kids to attend a BCM trip. Huge!

I’m using this post to shamelessly promote the charitable efforts of my friend, and to keep with my blogging theme, to showcase my awesome photo montage skills.

I created this poster for Mr. Austin McCrea using Adobe Photoshop. It is part of my massive donation of time to his cause.

Austin is participating in a philanthropic program called Summit For Someone hosted by the charity Big City Mountaineers.

Big City Mountaineers mentors at-risk teens through outdoor experiences to enrich their lives, broaden horizons, and instill critical life skills. More about their mission can be found by clicking here.

The Summit for Someone program gives mountaineers the opportunity to summit a major peak in return for a pledge ranging from $2,400 to $8,500.

Austin has pledged $4,000 and is participating in the summit of Mount Rainier in August.

So far, he has raised $2,100 for this great cause. If you feel led to support this charity even with $5, it would be much appreciated!

Just use the secure server and your debit or credit card at Austin’s climber page:

**click here —> <— click here**

It only takes two minutes!

Big City Mountaineers is a reputable non-profit organization, has been featured in Backpacker magazine many times, and has tons of information available on their website about their charity and how funds are used.

Your donation is tax deductible and every little bit helps!

Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ve found a new charity to stand behind!


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