Week #9 – Architecture

A Little Off the Wall

I was in Boston last week for the Fourth of July and its accompanying festivities. This is not your average architectural shot. I realize there’s a lot going on, which doesn’t necessarily work to its advantage, but come on, it’s pretty awesome. Look at that reflection!

This photo was taken out front of Boston’s Quincy Market and that’s a Navy jazz band playing there on July 3rd.

My close second favorite architectural photograph that came of this trip follows:

Split Houses Boston wm

This one is much simpler and pleases the eye. It has good colors and definitely fits the architecture topic very well. It was taken across the street from Copp’s Hill Burial Ground.

Of course, there are a couple of others that I think came out pretty well for this week’s theme.

Boston street wm

A random street in Cambridge across from the Bunker Hill monument. (Can you tell we did the Freedom Trail yet?)

Gate at Old North Church wm

A gate decoration leading into a garden behind the Old North Church.

I didn’t take any of these photographs with the architecture theme specifically in mind for this week’s blog, so I’ve been very pleased with the number and quality of shots I’ve found among my vacation photos.

I certainly prefer for myself architecture photography that focuses on a small portion of the building/city rather than encompassing the whole. It’s more intimate, less commercial, and simply better for my photography to take time to focus in and do small chunks, especially since photographing an entire building is hard. Photographing it well is even harder.

How do you like the variety? Which is your favorite? (It’s the second one, isn’t it?)

Enjoy and cheers!


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