Week #8 – Fireworks

Why, Yes, That Is The Culmination Of A Patriotic Boston Pops Concert

Fireworks are difficult to photograph. There’s really no getting around it. So, I looked at tips and referenced a book and thought that I’d go ahead and make the best of what I have.

Then, it rained. Then, it poured. Big, fat drops.

Fortunately, I did get to see the most awesome fireworks display in the country because a little rain doesn’t stop Boston from shooting off many explosives (coordinated with an array of popular and classic Independence Day music) in the most unforgettable display EVER.

This video doesn’t do it justice, but if you want to be inspired to travel over 1,000 miles to experience something incredible, this oughta do it.

(My mom and I watched the Boston fireworks on CBS in 2011 and that really is the reason we were in Boston this year.)

And also my Memere. We told her we wanted to go. So, she up and booked a hotel 🙂 Isn’t she sweet? (And photogenic?)


Oh, right. My photograph. It’s from the July 3rd dress rehearsal for the Boston Pops concert. It didn’t rain!

I was actually quite lucky to get this shot at all. This was by no means part of a larger fireworks display. It was, like, that moment in time. It is surprisingly sharp, as it was handheld at around 10pm. And while the composition is not ideal, perhaps, it is not bad.

And it has fireworks!

So, are you jealous yet?


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