Week #7 – Underwater


When I first saw this topic, I originally intended to use my waterproof camera to do the job. Seems logical, right?

But then I went to the aquarium. Two birds, one stone.
(The second bird being that I love going to aquariums and bought a Living Social deal for the one in Tampa, FL.)

The Florida Aquarium is fabulous, as are all aquariums. I have many photos from many aquariums, but I will not cheat and use an old one. In fact, I was very excited this time because I had the sense of knowing that I had many good photos already on my hard drive at home, so I could focus on taking different sorts of photographs this time around.

I tried different angles, different apertures, shutter speeds. I experimented. I’m very happy to add some fresh things to my aquarium photography.

Like this alligator foot. How many times do you get the opportunity to photograph a live gator’s foot? Now, some of you are surely asking, “Why would you even want to photograph a live gator’s foot?”

Valid question, but I direct you back to the photo and ask why you wouldn’t want to photograph a live gator’s foot?

Really, I just love the texture and the foot was the nearest body part. I was lucky that he pushed off the glass with it.

Here are a couple more that I really liked from my day at the aquarium. I don’t know what it is about this fish, but I do like him very much.


Here is my favorite abstract underwater photo. Love the colors and the movement.

Click on the photos to enlarge 🙂

Now, go visit your local aquarium!


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