Week #6 – Roadtripping

When the Lights Go Down in the City

This week’s topic had me baffled until Thursday night. It finally clicked in my subconscious somewhere that when I’m really roadtripping it with friends, most of the driving takes place in the middle of the night. Why?

Why to drive through the night:

  • You only have so much vacation time and you must make the most of it. Leave right after work.
  • The traffic in the middle of the night is nearly nonexistent.
  • The cops in the middle of the night are equally nonexistent.
  • You can go 80mph, no one will judge you, and you will make excellent time.
  • You will arrive at your destination bright and early and [if you’ve slept enough] ready and rarin’ to go!

Bring the pillow from your bed, comfy clothes, and a light blanket. Switch drivers about every 2 to 3 hours. Don’t neglect to eat. Bam. You’re golden. Happy vacation!

Here’s another product of this week’s topic. This one puts the emphasis on the “tripping” part, I think.

Theatre lights bokeh wm

Why do I love my photos this week? Because they’re awesome! And because I looked like a fool taking them: me, my tripod, my camera, and an umbrella atop my vehicle. At night. Amid imminent rain.

I think I like the choice picture quite a bit because of its neon quality. I increased the black to a very high level so that not much would be highlighted besides the lights of the cars and the theatre lights. I love the way this made the light trails pop out.

I like my second photo because it is a little more abstract than I’m used to, but you can guess that the lights on the right are those of headlights. It gives it an urban quality while maintaining that abstract, artsy feel. The variety of colors is also a great surprise.

I took these photos in a RAW format and was able to see what white balance looked natural afterwards in Photoshop. I chose to set the white balance to the tungsten setting. It eliminates any warm tones and gives the photos more of a “city” feel. The next time I shoot at night, I’ll probably shoot using this setting rather than using the automatic white balance.

Go try this technique! It’s fun and easy; just make sure you have a tripod!


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