Forced Perspective

By: Maggie Red

Jun 18 2012

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Category: Photography


Focal Length:26.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
What Was Large Is Now Manageable

I haven’t posted my weekly photography yet because I’ve been ill this weekend. I just got the photos taken yesterday and haven’t been through them at all, so here is an oldie but a goodie as they say.

This was taken as an assignment for my college photography class. Forced perspective is a wonderful topic and one that is only limited by your imagination.

Don’t understand what forced perspective is? Do you understand all those pictures of people holding up the Tower of Pisa? (Well, frankly, neither do I…) But that is probably the most iconic form of forced perspective photography in the world. The person is obviously not holding up the building, but the photo is made to look as much.

You can do this with virtually anything! Here are some cool links:

40 Examples of Forced Perspective Photography
88 Brilliant Examples of Forced Perspective Photography 

Now, you can always do stuff like this in a program like Photoshop, but of course everything always turns out better when done in-camera.

And it is challenging! But fun! What better combination?

The really difficult thing is coming up with an original idea. If you peruse the lists in the links above, you might see some that you could replicate. You also might see some and immediately say, “Dang! I would have thought of that!” but come on! You can do better than that!

The sun is a basketball? Try harder!

Or don’t try as hard, as the case may be. Ideas will come to you, I promise. (Unless you have no imagination, then promise reneged.)

Happy snapping!


5 comments on “Forced Perspective”

  1. I like this one the best

    • Thank you! It was one of my more brilliant moments 🙂
      P.S. I love that you are going through all my posts and liking them hahaha! yay!

  2. […] My dear followers, if you would like to see a good example of original forced perspective, please see this post. […]

  3. Thanks for visiting our blog and allowing us to discover yours. Nice composition and lighting.

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