Week #3 – Botanical


I thought about visiting a local garden this week to complete this week’s topic. So, I visited the backyard.

These plants are mine, mine, mine! And I love them very much. Much like children, I couldn’t choose which one I liked better, so here’s my other darling.


I have a bad habit when it comes to floral photography. I always try to shoot macro. Always. This is not always the best thing to showcase a plant. I like both of these photos because they are slightly removed, not so in-your-face. You can see the plant they come from, and it is just as interesting as the bloom.

Besides, if I want to shoot macro, I really need a macro lens. Le sigh.

How do you like my not-so-macro botanical photographs this week?


4 comments on “Week #3 – Botanical”

  1. You don’t have a macro lens? My camera came with one and I thought we had the same camera. I think you chose right, I like the top one better. I like the colors and angle better.

    • If your camera came with the kit lens, that is usually the 18-55mm and it is not a macro lens. The 18-55mm doesn’t do terribly well with macro shots because it won’t quite focus when you’re trying to get really close.

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