The Nautilus

There are plenty of different methods when it comes to photography and style and that sort of thing.

Some photographers plan each shot meticulously and then tweak as necessary during the shoot. A person who chose to photograph the recent solar eclipse, for example, may have spent the last month or so brainstorming ideas and then proceeding to narrow them down and refine the image in his mind. He would research the best spot to physically take the shots and prepare to be there hours in advance so that any potential crowd would not be an issue. He would choose his lens, maybe two and know the approximate aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and metering. He would research previous eclipse shots to hopefully learn from others’ mistakes. Then, he would go and get it.

Other photographers choose to never plan a photo. They simply go about their business and take photos willy nilly whenever and wherever they feel a compulsion to do so. They drive along, stick their cameras out the window, click the shutter, and see what happens.

Then, there is everythingin between. I am everywhere in between.

Sometimes, I will get a jolt of inspiration to do a certain photograph and I will plan that thing to death. And let me tell you, sometimes it’s necessary. I’ll write more on a particular project later, one in which I did brainstorm, research, plan, and execute.

Equally, I sometimes find myself in the right place at the right time and snap away. In fairness, I guess I will do a post about one of those, too.

Mostly, though, I choose something vaguely and then see where it takes me when I get there. I choose to take my camera to the aquarium, but I have no idea what kind of shots I’ll get. I mean, they’re fish. Even they don’t know what they’re going to do. So, I remain cautiously optimistic and take photos of absolutely everything. A dozen times. I know, I know. “If you planned it out, you wouldn’t have to take 100 photos to get 5 good ones.”

But seriously, I am at an aquarium. I’m primarily there to enjoy the fish. For those of you who do not know me,I love aquariums.Apparently, I once fell asleep in the midst of my family and boyfriend, said his name until he responded to me, and then I said “aquarium.” Weird.

This week, week #2 of a small group photography project, the topic is “Colorful.” I personally would have labeled it simply “color” but whatever. In any case, the word “colorful” is an adjective and can be applied not only to inanimate objects but to people as well. I could take a picture of my brother and call it a day. If I’ve peaked your curiosity, check out his blog:

I imagine, though, that the intent of the topic is literal. I may or may not choose to take it as such, but I was perusing my own photo collection to find some inspiration. Hence, The Nautilus. It is a favorite of mine. If you want to learn more about the nautilus, Wikipedia has a really great article about its status as a “living fossil” how it hasn’t evolved much over the last 500 million years.

If I had to give a commentary on my own photo, I’d say that I chose to put this image together because of the ridiculousness of it. I mean, when I read about the nautilus and observe it in an aquarium, it seems like an awfully serious and unchanging sort of creature, but I also strangely imagine that it has a secret rebel streak. I think, too, that if it were a sentient being, it would be either tickled by this image or pissed that I outed it. So, I guess this image is colorful in more than one way…

And if you made it this far, can you guess which of the four is the original?

Until next time, cheers!


4 comments on “The Nautilus”

  1. Is the real one the bottom left?

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