Week 1 – Still Life

By: Maggie Red

May 20 2012

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Focal Length:6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Read on to learn more about when this was taken and how much I love it!

The theme – still life. The challenge – finding time this past week to do it!

The past couple of weeks have been a bit ridiculous to say the least. I have been helping my very best friend make the last preparations for her wedding, which took place yesterday and was beautiful yadda, yadda, yadda. Cost cutting = making the closest member of the bridal party do a nice chunk of the work. I dubbed myself the Bridesmaid of Honor and went at it.

Naturally, I had very little time this week to do anything for myself. So, I killed two birds with one stone and chose to photograph her reception area as my Still Life assignment. You know, all those artsy photos of the centerpieces and the reception table that, as a wedding photographer, you try to limit because honestly who wants a bunch of pictures of “stuff” when there are lots of people to take candids of? Problem solved: take all or most of these photos the day before!

Now, I will admit that if I had my choice of Still Life, I may not have chosen such subjects. There are only so many ways to photograph an embossed napkin. For perspective, when I shot still life over a year ago for my class, I took gazumpteen photos of yarn and knitting needles. They turned out very nicely and in a way that I feel is true to my photographic style. As a result, most of the photos from this shoot feel a little generic, a little cliche, a little too…something. But you know what? They’ll be great fillers for scrapbooking! I really did try very hard to make these shots according to my style while preserving the integrity of the whole wedding institution. How’d I do?

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