Hello world!

By: Maggie Red

May 18 2012

Category: Uncategorized

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Hi, there!

WordPress.com kindly suggested that I share why I’ve created this blog:

               I’ve considered and reconsidered how I would like to set this up. More or less, I think that I will be sharing old photos along with my new ones. Perhaps I can get an idea of what kind of photographer I am and whether or not there has been any improvement over the last year. (I doubt it, since I have not been using my skills.) Indeed, not taking time to use my limited photography skills may have been detrimental, and it is entirely possible that the photos I shoot will (hopefully only at first) be rather poor compared to when I was actively pursuing photography.

And now for my…tagline?

                “This blog has been created for the initial purpose of improving my photography through a photo project wherein myself and a few other participants will be taking photos each week based on a particular topic. It has been a year since I finished a basic photography class in college, and I have found that the old saying is true: if you don’t use it, you lose it. So, now I am sharing with the world wide web my attempts to gain “it” back. Cheers!”


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